School Financial Management System (SFMS)

What is SFMS?

SFMS is a financial management system developed by a Business Manager who currently works in a State Government School. Feedback was given by 7 trial schools during its development which has ensured that this package meets the needs of financial management in state schools.

SFMS is a financial reporting and management tool only and does not replace EDSAS Finance as an accounting package.

SFMS is a financial reporting and management package which was jointly released by DECS and the South Australian State Schools Administrative Officers Association (SASSAOA) in 2004.

SFMS - Financial Reporting

As a financial reporting tool SFMS interacts with data entered into EDSAS Finance to produce comprehensive financial reports for Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger modules.

SFMS as a Management Tool

SFMS really comes into its own as a financial management tool enabling comprehensive management of school finances. Some examples are (remember these just touch the surface of SFMS’s management capabilities):

Managing your chart of accounts

  • Set up your chart of accounts, identifying budgets managers, carry forward requirements, budget manager reporting, etc

Reporting on GST

  • The GST section of SFMS identifies errors for you.
    No need to wade through reams of paper to find the errors yourself, they are highlighted for you in red.
  • Keep track of your fundraising events, tally the number of like fundraisers (eg sausage sizzles)
  • Keep records of your excursions and gst reasons, print reports for audit etc
  • One button click to code your School Card Credits

Debtor Tracking

  • Keep track of conversations, correspondence etc with debtors enabling ease of management of Accounts Receivable
  • Manage debt collection — allow SFMS to compile reports for agencies and keep track of progress

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